Monday, October 18, 2004

El Vez for Prez

Shortly after Sam and I bought the house a year ago we changed the address on our voter registration cards, got new ones and then promptly lost them in the 3-4month span it took me to actually unpack all of the boxes in our living room. And actually, I didn’t really unpack the boxes. More accurately: I moved them around to the garage and the storage shed. I keep hoping that after 2-3 more years, I can just throw those boxes out, even though they’re still filled with stuff. Whatever is in them, I don’t care any more. If I’ve lived a year without it, I don’t need it. Except my damn voter registration card. It gives me the precinct where I’m supposed to go vote and I have no idea what it is. I usually end up going to vote at Home Depot because you can do the early voting thing there and all you need is your driver’s license. But I HATE Home Depot. Smug bastards. I tried looking up my precinct on the Secretary of State website for Texas, but all I got was this discouraging info:

“New certificates are mailed out every two years to the most recent address you gave to the voter registrar. If you do not recall receiving a new blue and white certificate in early 2004, it could mean that you have moved without updating, or there is some other problem with your registration...”

I’m pretty sure the card I lost was orange and white. Not blue. Please tell me I am registered to vote! If not, I will feel like a total chump.

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