Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Non Mullet Hair

Last Sunday, the boyfriend and I met up with an old friend of his for lunch. I had met this guy before, but didn’t remember his non-mullet hair. It’s not actually a mullet, I think it was just the way it was combed when it was wet. I kept thinking I should reach over and muss it up a bit so he wouldn’t have this non mullet thing going on, even if it was just the way it was combed, it was an unfortunate likeness to the real thing… Anyway, he’s not the type to have bad 80’s (90’s?) hair and seems very cool and nice. Except for at one point, later on after we had come back to my house. I was showing him this pirate costume we had just bought for Fergus. Sam and I had tee-hee’d about that costume for the better part of an hour in the store—mainly because it has this hook arm that just cracked me up.

A bit of background: I am well known for having dressed my dogs up in full costume on past Halloweens, though I have since started to feel guilty about it. (It’s something about the really sad look of resignation that’s on their faces. Even in the ads.) Georgia—she never minded that stuff. As long as you kept feeding her tasty treats every 10 minutes or so, she was fine. But Fergus, oh man. When I put a costume on him, he gets this panicked look like I’m about to throw him to the crocodiles or something. I can’t take it. But still, with the costume funny. So, I put the pirate suit on Fergus to show the friend how funny it was.. See? With the Hook Arm?? Ha ha! This guy gave me this look of horror that very plainly read: “You are so bat shit crazy, I can’t believe my friend is dating you.” Just briefly. Only for a second. But I saw it.

Now, I’m perfectly okay with people thinking I’m crazy—not everyone understands me and that’s alright. I have fully embraced that I can be somewhat of a huge dork, but usually people are more subtle about it. I wasn’t mad—I just wanted to say, “I may be nuts, but YOU have the non-mullet hair!” But I didn’t. After he left, I told Sam, “Your friend thinks I am bat shit crazy.” Sam just shrugged.

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