Thursday, September 15, 2005

August Already??

So much for keeping this an every day thing. It's been four busy busy months. I won't bother with May or June because they have no bearing on anything really. But July! hoo boy.

My group got in a litter of eight 1/2 golden retriever and 1/2 very ambitious cocker spaniel puppies that all stayed at my house until I realized that cleaning up after 8 puppies is more poo than I'm really up for (and did I mention, we had 5 adult dogs... Jeezus, I actually had THIRTEEN dogs at my house for a while there..). Charming as the little guys were, I was pretty good at resisting the urge to keep one. Sam? not so much.

Now we have four dogs. The fourth is Hudson. To be fair, he is ridiculously cute, and not many people are actually able to resist his little puppy dog eyes. So, I can't be too harsh on Sam. (But that doesn't stop me, really.)

Right after we got the other 7 puppies placed, I got a call from Springer Rescue asking me to take three 9 week old springer babies. And like the dumba** I am, I did. Hudson was supremely pissed at having three puppies who were a full six weeks younger than him and yet a good 10lbs heavier than he was sharing his pen. He got body slammed a lot. We kept telling him it was good for his character.

Now all the babies are gone. It's a lot quieter at our house... and a lot less poo. We are just now getting calls about Katrina dogs--they're slowly trickling in. I can't think too hard about how many of them were left in NO and the surrounding areas that haven't made it out. Too heartbreaking. We're just focusing on what we can do now. I am picking up two little girlies tonight. Hopefully they aren't too traumatized..

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