Friday, October 28, 2005


I am one of those people whose favorite day of the year is Halloween. I decorate. I make mix CD's of halloween/death/monster music and I start planning my costume months in advance, usually something punny that most people won't even understand (chicken cordon bleu costume, I'm looking at you). But, I'm lucky enough to live in Austin where EVERYONE is a Halloween freak. (or at least more folks than in other places I've lived..) Even so, not everyone appreciates it and I can dig that. What I don't dig is people coming up to me while I'm in costume and telling me how I'm somehow being a bad example for young people and encouraging them turn to the dark side just by what I'm wearing.. I mean, I'm flattered, but even I don't think my costume is that great this year.. (I'm a ghoul scout. There are patches on a vest involved, and a beanie hat).

Dude, you should have seen me when I went as Minnie Pearl Harbor. Now *that* was cool.

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