Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Arm Dislocation

One of Sam's coworkers is a young'un who got a puppy 6mths ago and apparently had no idea what she was getting into. The story I hear was that she thought she'd be married and in a house this year.. and for various reasons, that didn't happen... cut to Sunday, when we got said "puppy" because she had to find a place for it to go before her crappy ex-friends took it to the pound. The "puppy" is now 9mths old and weighs at least 75 lbs. He is what you see when you look up the word "Galoot" in the dictionary. I think he's a yellow lab, but there might be some African Elephant in there somewhere. Homeboy is half the size of my house.

The eight cocker spaniels at my house are convinced that Armageddon has come in the form of this dog. Every time he even walks into the room, all 8 of them go completely apeshit, so I am having to keep them segregated from each other. I have gotten approximately 2 hours of sleep since Sunday night. And I feel so bad for the guy. He can't help it that he's huge. Or than when he tries to "play" he ends up flattening one of the little dogs with one paw.

I was out there earlier playing tug of war with him. It's his only form of entertainment other than gnawing on our firewood. I'm pretty sure my arm is dislocated at the moment. Note to self: do not play "tug of war" with anything that can tug you all the way to China.

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