Friday, December 16, 2005

Dog Soap

The other night while I was sleeping next to Sam I noticed that he smelled good. Like, really good. See, Sam has this thing about cologne/aftershave: that is, he HATES it. So, he never smells like anything, but this time there was this great lavender-y, oat-y smell on his skin. And not only did it smell great... it was familiar. I *knew* I know that smell from somewhere.

The next morning, I stepped in the tub and saw it: He had used the dog soap. Our dog soap is awesome--it's this all-natural bar soap that I buy from this lady at the Farmers Market. I buy it because I can't stand commercial dog shampoos--too medicine-y, too fake-citrus-y, too doggy. I keep usually keep it in it's own little box in the shower, so we don't use it on ourselves, but I must have accidently left it out. Anyway, I didn't have the heart to tell Sam he used the dog soap. Besides, I think he should keep using it...

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