Wednesday, January 18, 2006

countdown to the heart attack

There is a restaurant here in town called Hyde Park Grill that serves the best french fries in the world. These fries are square-cut, dipped in buttermilk and peppered flour and then fried in peanut oil. At least that's the theory we've come up with after tasting approximately 500 pounds of them. They come with a "special sauce" which, like most "special sauces" is basically thousand-island dressing and mayonnaise. The sauce, yeah, not so great, but I'm telling you: these french fries make life complete.

Why am I thinking about Hyde Park French Fries right now? Because the paper reports today that a Hyde Park Grill is opening less than 2 miles from my house. It will be ready in April. If I eat nothing but vegetables until then, do you think I can get away with eating nothing but Hyde Park Fries for the rest of the year? how 'bout if I walk to and from the restaurant? 4 miles for a plate of fries: that'll even itself out, right??

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