Sunday, January 15, 2006

Watched this weekend

(I love thee, Netflix)

Movies I watched this weekend:

Millions One of those movies that manages to be touching and sweet without making you want to stick a fork in your eye. And that Alexander Nathan Etel--you just want to stick him in your pocket and take him home. Loved it.

The Brothers Grimm Hmm. Well, I didn't actually make it past the first 30 minutes. really really bad. I love both Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as a general rule, but peee-uuuw, this stunk.

The Constant Gardener This is a pretty slow moving movie at first, and just when I thought I might be bored, dammit, I was hooked. It was really heartfelt and complex and not at all what I expected. If Ralph Fiennes isn't nominated for something, I'll be shocked.

In other viewing:

The AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Okay, I might have fallen asleep during the hound competition, but I was awake for the rest of it.

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