Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bones in Motion

I hate the name of this software program, but it sounds pretty cool--getting your cell phone to use GPS based software to keep track of your running (miles, calories, etc).

from the article:
Bones in Motion's service lets runners, walkers and cyclists record in real time the distance, speed and pace, location, elevation and calories burned for outdoor activities. Users also can program their phones to alert them with a ring tone when they have completed a mile.

An interface on the phone lets users see a performance summary, activity maps and speed and elevation charts. The data can be uploaded wirelessly to a personal online Web portal, where users can view their activities, save and compare them with previous entries and share information, such as running routes, with other Bones in Motion users.

I think it's a little pricey too ($9.99 a month). Still, pretty cool.

But what I really need is one that will give me a call once a week to say "is that IT? That's all you've run??? Get off your ass, put yer shoes on!"


Bonefritter said...

You realize that this means something totally different to me!!!!!!!!

Stinkydog said...

lalalalalalalala--I can't hear you.