Tuesday, February 07, 2006

and I'm the weird one?

Saturday night, we had some friends over and made kebobs on the grill. We lit a fire in the pizza oven because it was a little chilly. Okay, it was only about 55 degrees, but since it's been 80 degrees in February, 55 seemed a little coldish. Any time we fire up the pizza oven, people make s'mores. Sam decided to kick it up a notch by making Ass on Fire Lamb S'mores. Which is: a piece of marinated lamb, wrapped in marshmellow and topped with Ass on Fire Hot Sauce.

I didn't try it, but they swear it was pretty tasty. All I gotta say is, next time I get mocked for peanut butter and mustard sandwiches, I'm pulling this one out.

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