Tuesday, February 07, 2006

seriously, there goes my sleep

I shouldn't check my email before going to bed. I got this in my inbox just now about a lady near Dallas who has 168 cocker spaniels at her place that she has kept for breeding purposes. She has now decided to "get out of the business" and wants cocker spaniel rescue to help.

A description from the email:

The puppies are well socialized and kept in a puppy house but the the adults are housed in deplorable conditions without shelter and open to the elements. Despite their general lack of socialization, they are very laid back mellow dogs who don't attempt to bite, growl or snarl...They live in 8x10 chain link pens where she has them sorted/categorized by color, buffs in one run, tri's in another, sables in another etc. 8-10 dogs per pen with only one water trough and one food bowl for each pen.

ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT, Y'ALL. And they all need placement. Are you f***ing kidding me???

It's times like these I want to just put my head down and cry. What is WRONG with people??

I'm going to go hug Simone.

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