Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I step Two Step

I can't believe I forgot to mention this: My friend Jenny and I started dance class this past Sunday. We're taking Beginning Country and Western Dance. Stop laughing.

There is no line-dancing involved. We're supposed to be learning the Cotton-Eyed Joe (which I already know and okay, yeah, it's a line-dance), the Schottische (which I don't already know, but have fun saying it), Texas Two-Step (know it), Double-Time Two-Step (wait, there's a DOUBLE TIME two step?? Wouldn't that make it a FOUR step??), Waltz, Polka, and Jitterbug (kinda already know). It's actually really hard. There's all this hand/arm placement stuff you need to know and how to count music to see if it's 6 or 8 count so you know whether to do a waltz or polka. Seriously.

For the first class, we only covered the two step, which I know: two steps. But there's all these promenade moves and then double turns that you learn to make it look all pretty. That double turn thing nearly killed me. I learned that, with a head-cold, you should not attempt the double turn. You should not even attempt to watch the double-turn. It makes you very dizzy.

We also learned that there are such things as professional dance boots that have these special suede soles. God, I really want some of those.


Anonymous said...

What color is your hat? LOL :)

Stinkydog said...

Actually, wearing a hat while doing these dances requires a skill(balance) that I have yet to master..

Anonymous said...

Good for you!! When I was in Texas and going out dancing, all the guys kept saying "this is easy...nothingn to it". Yah right. I kept meaning to take lessons, but I married a non-dancer and didn't have to.:-)

Noone seems to 2-step here.