Friday, March 10, 2006


It's gorgeous in Austin this week. Sunny, highs in the 80's, light breezes from the west. You just want to sit out on your porch all day, paint your toenails and watch the grass grow...(before it shrivels and dies in the long months of 100 degree weather we have coming our way very soon). And because it's so beautiful right now and because Sea World tickets have already been purchased for the end of this month when my sister and her children come for a visit, I know with all certainty that the weather will take a dramatic turn in the next two weeks. My beautiful 80 degree weather will drop and drop til it's maybe only 45 degrees. Skies will turn gray and threatening. Wind will go from being "breezy" to downright bonechilling. Just in time for us to go and watch Shamu's new show "Believe" where he will playfully spray us with arctic ice water and I will fight deep urges to harpoon him.

It happens every time.

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Anonymous said...

I'm okay with all this as long as my son doesn't feed the dolphins with fish that swell his face like we just beat the hell out of him. Remember that??