Friday, March 24, 2006

They Are Beyond Carazy

The Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission has decided to start arresting people for public intoxication... in bars. Yeah. No, they're not kidding. Apparently, we're all just hopelessly incapable of making any sort of arrangements to have a designated driver, call a cab, and, uh, not walk into traffic.
from the Austin-American Statesman, 3/24/06

There are plenty of dangerous things people do without getting behind the wheel of a car," Beck said. She cited a recent case in El Paso where a man staggered into traffic and was killed, and a student on spring break at South Padre Island who tried to jump into a hotel pool from a second-floor window. He missed and died.

"When people drink they lose their inhibitions," she said. "That's when people start making bad decisions."

Oh please. Does that mean the TABC wants to protect me from every bad thing I could ever possibly do after a few cocktails? I mean, what happens if I get drunk on election day and try to vote for Rick Perry?

link via austinist, statesman, pinkdome, and lots of places because we're all flabbergasted because it's so f*#*ng stoopid.

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