Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wort Hopper: tee hee

For Christmas, I got Sam a gift certificate for Austin Homebrew Supply so he can start making his own beer again. Always one for subtle and restrained tastes, the first batch Sam made was this double IPA that was so hoppy, it made my brain pucker. (It also had some carbonation issues, so that batch was scratched) Now, he's on to batch two which should be ready in a couple of weeks. I didn’t ask what kind. My philosophy on Sam’s cooking/brewing at this point in my life is: I’m just happy if it doesn’t have Pure Cap in it.

For my part, I’m slowly making my way through all the articles here and checking out Brew magazine which, while wahaayyyyy to technical for me, delightfully mentions the phrase “wort hoppers” over and over. I don’t really know what that is, but it cracks me up.

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