Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Howl's Moving Castle

Watched Howl’s Moving Castle last night and now I really want to read the original story by Diana Wynne Jones. From what I hear, the movie plays pretty fast and loose with the plot of the book. That was kinda my problem with it. I liked the story at first, but it lost me there at the end. And not enough character development. I'm betting the book is better. I think Mizayaki’s films are absolutely mesmorizing, though, and I plan on watching everything Studio Ghibli has made.

But I still think Princess Mononoke is spooky.

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Chip Chief said...

I love Princess Mononoke! But all of the Ghibli films are good. My other favorties are Spirited Away (of course), Whispers of the Heart, The Cat Returns, and Grave of the Fireflies (though this one is pretty sad).