Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bluebell and Blossom

Before this year, I had only fostered 3 puppymill dogs, but this year, I'm already on puppymill girls #9 and #10. Bluebell and Blossom.

This is a shot of the girls a week ago. That's muddy dreadlocks you see hanging off of them. And believe me, they looked better than they smelled.

Now, this is Bluebell and Blossom after getting cleaned up.

Looking much better, huh? They're both really sweet, though Blossom has a long way to go. We like to refer to her as Simone...on crack. She's so terrified that she doesn't really stop moving ever. She paces the rooms over and over, just giving us this nervous look, like "oh man, what are you going to do to me now". I have to keep a lead on her all the time just so I can have a chance at catching her. I've been tracking her down every evening for our cuddle therapy. I've learned that if she sees an open jar of peanut butter in my hand, she'll start running a little slower. She loves the crunchy kind.

Bluebell is a little easier. She's less squirrelly. She just wants all of your attention 100% of the time and will waaarooooooooooooooooo loudly if you don't give it to her. It's charming. Really.

Do me a favor, the next time you see someone selling puppies at a flea market, kick them in the ass for me. Hard.

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