Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lance Letscher

I saw a collection of Austin-based artist Lance Letscher last summer and it was just stunning. He makes these amazing collages out of pieces of vintage books and paper. I've been looking at pictures of his stuff online, but I can tell you, it doesn't really translate that well. I think to really appreciate how intricate his work is, you kinda have to see it in person. You can stare at one of his pieces for an hour thinking about how much focus and precision he must have to have made it. Anyway, he's got another exhibition going on right now at the D Berman Gallery, so I'm going to try and see that this weekend if I can.

This site has two of my favorites: "Autumn Landscape" and "Eleven Sundays".

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Suzy said...

Yes, it is definitely worth seeing! I can walk there in a bout 30 seconds from work, so I try to check in there at least once a quarter. This collage guy is really interesting. Almost all of his pieces have the red dot already, which I think means they are sold. Even the ones for $9k+.