Monday, April 24, 2006

it seemed like a good idea at the time

I gave up fried food for Lent and have pretty much stuck to it even though Easter was over last week. But today, my friend and I decided that eight weeks is just too long without going to Dirty's for the OT special (bacon cheeseburger). Cravings sometimes win, you know? But Dirty's is the kind of place that you have to pat your burger bun down with a napkin before eating it to remove the first layer of oil. And that's just on the bread.. Oh god. My cardiovascular system had a conference with my digestive tract and they decided that they did not appreciate the reintroduction to recycled french fry grease.

Long about 30 minutes after eating the burger (but not even finishing all my onion rings), my face started feeling hot and things started looking blurry. I think my body actually took on that wavy gravy motion like in the old Pepto commercials and I had to walk slowly back to the car so I wouldn't fall over. At one point, there was a cold compress on my forehead.

Why is it, then, that two months from now, when we're talking about where to go for lunch, I'm going to think that a cheeseburger at Dirty's is a good idea??

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Fishdog said...

oh hell yeah!

i know where i'm eatin' next time i'm in austin.