Monday, April 24, 2006


Even though we have the digital cable package at home that has something like 5023 channels, there are a few dead zones in our line-up. Channel zones that are never clicked on, or even zipped past. Oh, the channels actually work, we just never ever watch them. We'll just go from channel 12 to channel 245 because I either don't even want to bother or otherwise chance it that I'll have to watch even one millisecond of f#$*ing "What Not to Wear" (and no, I'm not linking to it because I really really hate that show). These dead zones include: all 15 versions of ESPN and SI channels (unless it is March or June), most of the home improvement stuff, the 30 different Public Access channels they feel compelled to provide in Austin, and the Estrogen block: Lifetime, the Soap Opera Network and the dreaded Oxygen..

But this weekend for some reason I flicked through the Ladies R Us channels and saw this show that was actually pretty damned funny. I dunno, I might have had too many glasses of wine at that point as it was the night after the garage sale (shudder), but Campus Ladies cracked me up.


happyboogie said...

They show Campus Ladies on Comedy Central too and I have caught it a couple of times. It cracked me up both times...pretty funny premise.

Nigel Vossap said...

I know how you feel. It's like gasoline. We get gouged for all these channels we would never have any interest in watching. Speaking of which, have you noticed that MTV has about 40 channels, and not one of them has music on it anymore (unless it's in a commercial)?