Monday, May 01, 2006


So, Sam's band (i.e. the people who store their amps and drum kit in what used to be my office) does not yet have a name. They're getting pretty good. And I don't know if they ever plan on playing gigs anywhere, but they should have a name nonetheless.... Besides "The People Who Store Their Amps and Drum Kit in What Used to Be My Office".

Anyway, so here are some of the names that have been bandied about. By me, mostly. The People Who Store Their Amps and Drum Kit in What Used to be My Office are not overly taken with them, but whatever.

Wonton Floozies (having to do with my mishearing something at a chinese was only moderately funny at the time, but I think it's catchy)

Johnny Poopfoot** (what we call the state at which you have just stepped in a dog bomb.. usually from being in our backyard)

Porkette (I saw this in a cookbook and immediately thought "delicious!" and then thought "why has no band taken this name??")

Sam is leaning towards "Dog Sacrifice Religion". yeah. He's real funny.

Feel free to leave your suggestions below.


Robyn said...

Porkette is the best. We're still
calling each other Johnny Poopfoot since we left your house.

mffishdog said...


wheel of meat
shards of wine
the deciders (thank you pres. bush)

man, this could go on for days!