Friday, May 05, 2006

vientos fuertes

So last night I was sitting in my house, clutching a flashlight in both hands lest the power go out, watching huge purple blobs with little circular icons flashing on the radar on the TV tube when the weatherman suggested it would be a good idea for all of us in the Austin area to get into an interior room and stay away from glass windows. We only have one interior room in the house that does not have windows: our guest bathroom. And it's, like, barely bigger than a Port-O-Let. So, you can imagine how much fun it was in there with me and eight dogs who are all totally going to start getting doggie breath, today.

But seriously if you own pets and you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, here's some pretty good information.

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Fishdog said...

we were thinking about you guys when we heard on the news that austin was "in the shit," as they say. glad to know y'all came out in one piece.