Friday, May 26, 2006

weekend plan

After my jaunt to Arkansas last week, I plan on spend the next 3 days heaping my weekend plate with a big ol' pile of nothin'to do and I'm going to love it. This will probably translate to:

1.) trying to watch the movies in our Netflix backlog. I've been attempting to watch Aeon Flux for the last 3 days on the TV in our bedroom and I keep dozing off. There's this scene at the very beginning of the movie where black-haired Charlize Theron catches a fly in her eyelashes and every time I see it, I'm like,um, SO?. That crap happens to me every time I ride in a boat. Less impressive Sci-Fi and more Holy Shit I Have a Bug In MY EYE!!..And then I roll over and go to sleep.

2.) Moving the recumbent exercise bike back to office from it's current home in the living room. The most exercise either Sam or I have gotten with this bike is just moving it from room to room. And dusting it.

3). Attempting to make that doggie birthday cake (shut up)

I also have a couple of bottles of wine and some great Burt's Bee's facial clay mask stuff to try out, so as you can imagine, things will probably get all wild and crazy.


C-Love said...

Crippled Eyes Davis...very cool!!! C-Love

Anonymous said...

Crippled Eyes Davis...aka C-Love

Angie Parker said...

Heard that you visited my old house while you were in AR. By the way, I was thrilled to learn that there is still an abundance of dogs there!! The next time you visit AR please come visit our new place in Cabot. We have 85 acres here with stray dogs and cats and rescued horses (an occasional rescued baby deer)you should feel right at home!! Jeff told me about your dogs--says we have a LOT in common. Keep up the good work.
Angie Parker