Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Joyce Adamski

I would give you recap of weekend hilarity, but this morning, I found out that my only surviving grandparent died over the weekend. It was my mom's mother and her name was Joyce Adamski. I never met her. My mom's side of the family has a weird history of nasty spats and long bouts of not speaking to one another. It's very southern gothic, except they're all in New York. My mom and her mom had one of those non-speaking bouts that lasted pretty much my whole childhood. Then, when they did reconcile, it was just not on the priority list for my grandmother to get to know me and my siblings, I guess. I can't really say whether she just wasn't interested or didn't care. Maybe she did and didn't think we'd want to have anything to do with her after so many years. At any rate, it never happened. She never called, I never called. No visits were made. I never even got a birthday card (nor sent one). And then a couple of years ago, she started going downhill in the mental department and the opportunity to have any type of relationship (even if by email or phone calls)just faded away. It's the dumbest thing in the world to have a grandma and not know her...to never have known her and now, to never get the chance. So, rest in peace, Joyce Adamski.

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