Monday, May 15, 2006

Wicket needs a cat

Back in December, I had this foster dog named Ramona that was obsessed with hamsters and gerbils. Every time our rescue group would do a "meet and greet" at Petco or Petsmart, Ramona would just sit there in the rodent section and watch them for hours at a time. I could just drop her leash and walk off for thirty minutes and she would still be sitting there when I came back watching them, without moving.

Now, I've discovered that Wicket has the same reaction with cats. From what I can tell, being from a puppy mill, Wicket has never actually seen cats before. Certainly not at my house (I'm allergic). She doesn't seem to want to chase them or anthing. She just wants to watch them move around. She's like, completely fascinated. This was her on Saturday watching the kitties in the Adoption Center. For 3 straight hours.

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