Friday, June 09, 2006

confessions of a dumbass, part 256

Have you ever done something really mind-bogglingly stupid? You know, one of those things that makes you hope that they find a cure for stupid soon before you actually hurt yourself? Something like, oh say: changing the ringer on your cell phone and then forgetting that you changed the ringer... So that for two days you're wondering

a) why it is you keep hearing some strange phone ringing nearby


b)why no one has called you?

cough cough. No, I don't mean ME.

do dee doooooooo..

okay, maybe it was me. I blame it on the Jazzercise. So, in case you have called me no, I'm not screening my calls... Apparently, I'm not that smart.

1 comment:

C-Love said... "Dog Lady" on Druery Lane wasn't you're going for Ms. Geeky McGalactica...nice. LOL C-Love