Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Not again

So, who woke up this morning thinking it was Monday morning all over again?? ME and who else? That was a pisser. On top of that, I got an email from the TLAC rescue coordinator letting us know that on Monday, ninety-six animals were taken in at the city shelter. f***ing 9-6. In one day. That's about the same number they normally get in a week's time, all shoved into one day.. it's ridiculous. I've already got that sick to my stomach feeling that I get when I'm worried about how things are going to pan out--are we going to find enough foster places? is our group going to run out of money? We've always found a way so far, but I always freak out...which is not really what you want your director doing under stress. I guess most of our volunteers don't really know how badly I freak out.. unless they start counting the increased number of cuss words I use. (sue me and *#$&-off) I would like to know if it's okay if I just go back home and stick my head under the covers and pretend this morning isn't happening. 'kay? I won't be fully prepared until I have a lot more caffeine.

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