Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mail Service

2nd Mail related post of the day...

Just FYI: Being in line for 45 minutes at the post office only to be told that

a) the number you are holding (and have been holding for 45 minutes) is completely unnecessary if you have a non-monetary transaction

and then

b)the item you have been waiting on for 45 minutes is not there, despite your holding a written notice that the item would be there

is almost enough to make your heart go steely cold and your eyes to squint permanently in an evil eye position.

Just checking, is there anything about the following phrase: "Your item will be available to pick-up after Date: 8/1 Time: 8:30am" that should have led me to believe my package would not be there today at noon?

Yeah, I thought not. But apparently, I'm all cuckoo (waving the crazy hands).


Robyn said...

My advice is: Don't go postal, it's not worth it.

Carrie said...

Happy belated birthday, you're still really funny, and sorry you wasted 45 minutes at the post office. 1 visit out of 4 for me are usually frustrating or character building, whichever way you want to look at it.

eliz. s. said...

This post is included in Austinist's best of the blogs this week.