Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Weekend

(holding my head with both hands) AAAAAAAAGH, my god. can this afternoon go any slower?

1:36 drumming fingers

1:41 check email

1:58 take everything off of desk and toss in recycle bin

2:03 retrieve cell phone bill. i'm gonna need that.

2:04 see what old grad school pal Hillary is making these days.

2:06 realize how useless my blog is without bunnies or patterns.

Just a note, someone asked me if I ever plan on giving dog advice here and well quite frankly, I'm the dumbass who got taken out by a blind dog, so I'm not so sure I'm your best source. Maybe sometime I will if I can find a way to stop posting photos of animals being dressed in dumb outfits.

2:15-2:30 make to do list for the weekend. I love making lists. I never, ever actually complete the items, I just like writing them down.

2:45 check bank account to see how much money I spent at Petsmart last month. You do not want to know.

2:50 check email again. where is the love?

3:00 Make a "to do" list for Tuesday. heh. I am so optimistic.

3:12 good friggin' god, Is my clock broken?

3:30 buy ticket to Hanging Tough, the Boy Band Sing-a-Long at Alamo Saturday Night. Not nearly as exciting as the ABBA show would have been, but I'm being a good friend so someone else can go. Also, I'll probably be needing a drink. Or twelve.

4:02 yyyyyesssss! It. Is. FOUR O'CLOCK. only 1 more hour! Start doing "modified" Shakira dance. Trip over my plants. ow.

4:52 sweet boss tells me to pack it up and go. Probably feeling sorry for me after that dancing thing went so wrong.

See yall later, have a great weekend!!

1 comment:

Mel Francis said...

Today dragged for me, too. Actually, the whole week did.

And of course, the Long weekend will go by just like that *snap*! Humph.