Saturday, September 16, 2006


So, I wasn't planning on going to any Austin City Limits Festival stuff this weekend but then Megan gave me free passes for the festival which was the nicest thing in the world to do, plus Willie's playing, Raconteurs, Ween, all these great people, so how could I not go, right? Right?

Next time I ask, remind me that

a) I am too old to deal with stupid people when the temperature is over 90 degrees
b) Everyone seems stupid when the temperature is over 90 degrees.
c) I should always wear sunscreen and/or remove any BandAids I might have on my person before going into the sun.
d) I am an idiot.

Nice tan, huh?


Robyn said...

But did you sit on any styrofoam coolers? Alcohol intensifies 3x over when the temperature is over 90 degrees, that's why everyone is stupid.

Megan said...

Is that really true? If you're just making that fact up and all laughing at me for being gullible enough to believe it, I'll blame it on being drunk.

Glad you had fun!

Stinkydog said...

which part? The part about me being stupid or other people being stupid. Both are true. :)

I am going to have this f***ing bandaid shape on my arm all winter..