Friday, September 29, 2006

Venison Night

It's Fri-hi-hi-dayyyy. And what do you have planned for the weekend? Me, not too much. Well, okay, kindof a lot, but I'm sure I'll get lazy and only do one or two things. It's a big birthday weekend so there's a couple of parties Saturday night. Then on Sunday, it's Venison Night at our house. Just us, twelve friends and an ungodly amount of deer meat to be cooked in 100 different ways. You know, I'm not sure why we're having Venison Night at our house, but I'm just going to roll with it. Sometimes it's best not to question these things. So, if anyone has a good recipe for me, send it on ovah.

I know Sam is excited. He loves cooking game and is always asking me to bring some back from Arkansas when I go for visits, knowing my dad and brother are big time hunters. But the last time I asked my dad to get us some venison to take back with me, he left a cooler on the front porch. It had a deer leg with the hoof STILL ATTACHED hanging out of it.... Thanks Dad, that wasn't scarring or anything.

Needless to say, that cooler did not make the 8 hour trip back in my car and Sam has had an unfulfilled hankering for Venison ever since. So let's all just pray this gets it out of his system. I mean, I like venison ok. I like it much better when it doesn't actually taste like venison. I would also prefer that it not resemble anything that was once living and/or prancing around fields of flowers at any point in it's young, gentle life.

Man.. Venison Night is getting more depressing each minute I think about it. I think it needs some fajita seasoning.

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Robyn said...

Dad and Patrick have forever ruined the deermeat thing for me, there isn't anything Hogs Meat Market could do now....sorry.