Saturday, September 30, 2006

Welcome to My World

You know,I post a lot of pictures of the dogs on this blog so you can see how cute they are (even if they're stinky). But none of those reeeeeeally give you a sense of what it's like living with 6+ dogs all the time. I can't, for instance, remember to set the camera to take a photo of our bed at 3am when every dog in the house simultaneously decides to "cuddle" and I end up in some state of contortion that would make a chiropractor cry. But this? This is a good one. I walked in yesterday to find Micah, our 11 year old cocker spaniel hovering over this steadily swooping her head down to take large chunks of it like a wild lion tearing apart a gazelle (a teeny, 19lb lion).

yes, that is a STEEL CAN that she decimated WITH HER MOUTH. I'm not sure what's inside it. I'm half afraid to look.

And yes, she still has teeth. I checked.

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