Tuesday, October 03, 2006

hi (yahaaawn)

So Venison Night was a big success--a big honking display of debauchery actually, but that qualifies as a "success" in our house. Once again we've stunned the recycling guys with the amount of empty wine bottles piled up yesterday morning. That, my friends is why no post on Monday. I went to bed early Sunday night at around 9:30. Unfortunately, when you started sipping wine at 3pm, you're 7 hours in the hole. Going to work was a little painful. I did it though. Because I'm smart.


One of the benefits of Venison Night is that it brings out all your foodie friends. And they bring gorgeous cakes they made themselves. Check out this one Hilary baked. Good lord, it was tasty. Don't you just want to smoosh your face into it?


Robyn said...

That cake doesn't even look real. How's she get the sides so smooth?

Stinkydog said...

she's a pro (no really).