Monday, September 11, 2006


Hey, did you hear there was some kind of football game going on in Austin this past weekend? Yawn. SOooooo Don't Care.

We went to the Muppet Movie Sing-a-long in the park instead. We had a "cold front," meaning it was less than 95 degrees at night so it felt gorgeous. I brought Fergus and Micah with me and when we walked up, this little girl turned to her mother all excited and said, "LOOK, MAMA, MUPPETS!". Heh. The guy who wrote most of the soundtrack was there and introduced the movie. There were grown ups doing Fozzie Bear impersonations. And when Kermie sang "Rainbow Connection" I burst into tears out of nowhere, but recovered there in the end and belted it out with everyone else. It was awesome.


Fishdog said...

man, all the cool shit comes to austin.

i'm soooooo jealous.

Robyn said...

Mr Beaker and the two old guys in the balcony were my favorite.