Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hellooooo, My pretties

Hi, I'm back. Apparently, all sorts of good stuff happened while I was gone to a ridiculously gorgeous place that I had zero time to enjoy because I was studying and/or in class the entire time. First, for the concerned masses (all 3 of you), the dogs are fine. There were some sleepy Mo-fo's and apparently, copious amounts of shitting while I was gone, but everyone seemed to weather their adventures in pharmacueticals OK. (whew). Sam bought some new guitar thingy which guarantees to make our life noisier. My sister sold her house, which means I will be getting some new patio furniture soon (wooo hoo!). Other than that, things are quiet.

I am sleeheepy and worn out and entirely drunk from a small amount of beer. That, my friends, is a sign to call it an end to the week.

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