Sunday, November 26, 2006

God Help Us All

The day after Turkey Day, some of my family came down for a visit and to deliver some porch furniture I inherited from Birdrunner. This is code language for "My dad has to go to Cabela's or he's going to start getting the Shakes." I'm not going to comment or judge other than to say: I've lived here in Austin for 10 years and my dad's visits have increased approximately 400% in the 18mths since that place opened... Just. Sayin'.

Now, I will readily admit that Cabela's has a lot of cool stuff. Especially if by "cool stuff" you mean: underwear that will render you perfectly invisible in 47 different varieties of brush and wild grass. And if that's not your cup of tea, you can purchase this little number for the tykes at Christmas:

This is a toy truck that features two hunters hauling a DEAD DEER that sings either "Sweet Home Alabama" or "Low Rider" when you push a button.
Alas, I checked in the book section, but "Soul Crushing for Dummies" wasn't in stock.


Carrie said...

You don't even KNOW how perfect that truck is going to be for my step-family's gift exchange this year. That would be in Colt, Arkansas.I am so totally going to Cabela's. :-)

Robyn said...

I saw that same truck at Wal-Mart here and I'm convinced Mom has already bought that for me for christmas after my deer incident.