Sunday, November 26, 2006

T-day 2006

The day started off well enough. Our directive to all guests was "Bring Your Favorite Food" which resulted in a crazy variety of stuff from devilled eggs to yams to steamed buns to hummus to Peking Duck. (it went together well...sorta). Lots of great family and friends... and wine. Then after 12 hours of wine drinking, inevitably, it devolved. All I can say is, eating was a theme.

Obvy: The No Camera Rule was broken. Then I remembered why it was a rule in the first place. Witness.


Fishdog said...

that’s a great idea for a party. did you put that whole cake in your mouth?

Stinkydog said...

that, my friend, was an Ancho Chile Chocolate Coffee Cake. If I could have fit the whole thing..

It was deeeeelish.