Thursday, November 30, 2006

"It's snowing! Alright, I have been through this before in Montana; now, nobody lick any flagpoles!"~ Peggy Hill

In a move that is sure to make the eyeballs of any northerner permanently stick to the back of his or her head, we've just been told that if there is any rain and the temperature drops any more, then we get to go home for the day.

I really do need to go to the grocery store because I am seriously out of food (and dog treats), but I'm afraid that if I do, I'll get crushed in the OMG-It-Is-COLD-Let's-Clear-The-Store-Of-All-Velveeta-Products frenzy. Everyone in Austin does this anytime the temperature isn't 75 degrees and sunny. It's ridiculous. I remember last year when Hurricane Rita was due to make landfall THREE HOURS AWAY from us on the Texas Coast, people at my HEB in AUSTIN were literally clearing the shelves. Like the hurricane was going to travel a couple hundred miles inland and sock it to us. Idiots.

But, you know, when the weather gets all chilly like this, it really does suck to be stuck without any Velveeta...

inspired by Charlie's post.

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