Tuesday, November 14, 2006

There is a Vespa involved..

In very exciting news, our rescue group has had a brand new 2006 cherry red Vespa LX50 donated to us to do with what we wish... I wish to attach a little basket to the back of it and tootle around town, but that won't do the doggies much good. (but I could take them on rides, I'm sure they'd love it..in the basket? No??) So we're going to be raffling it off. I don't think we've made a final decision about whether to sell lots and lots of cheap tickets or sell more expensive tickets, but cap it at a smaller number sold so buyers would have a better chance at winning. I'll let you know when I find out. But look how cute it is. Can't you see it with the basket, big loaves of french bread and bouquets of flowers sticking out? sigh.


Robyn said...

Is your hand cramping yet by writing your name on all those raffle tickets???

Anonymous said...

I can see the basket with wine and french bread etc...if you live in France. LOL It is very cute, though. I know you've taken it for a spin...C