Saturday, February 10, 2007

Day 3

I want you to know that I'm making a REAL effort not to post puppy pictures here every day. It is much much harder than you think. Witness:

Unfortunately, we lost one of the little girls yesterday. She had a facial defect so I knew she was "iffy" but we wanted to give her a shot. If she survived the first 48 hours then she was going to have a fighting chance, but she didn't. I wasn't surprised, but very sad nonetheless.

Mama is cracking me up. She can't stand to be away from the gerbils more than 30 seconds, but she absolutely has to sometimes, so she ends up doing all her "errands" like she just had a Triple Espresso Sprinkled with Crack. She's all "HIMOMDOINGGREATGOTTAPEE HEREWHERE'SMY FOODTHANKSFORTHEFOODSCRATCHMYEARS PLEASEMANTHATFEELSGREATOH LORDYDOIGOTTAGOPOTTYHEYCOMEVISIT SOMETIMEOKAYGOTTARUNNOWBYE!" It's very entertaining. She's a good mama.


Opie's Girl said...

Do you have any new pictures yet???


Stinkydog said...

not yet. They're sortof still looking the same. I figured I might wait til their little eyeballs open before posting them again..

Opie's Girl said...

Uh, I might have just reported your blog for objectionable content because I was looking for a way to make you a "friend" on my blog and I tried "flag blog" at the top of the screen and, well, yeah. That wasn't the right button.

Stinkydog said...

it's the naked puppy flesh, isn't it..

Opie's Girl said...

I thought I saw a little weiner.