Friday, February 16, 2007

The Knot... or not

So, I'd love to share all the cool wedding ideas and plans we've got going, but um.. heh heh, I got nothin'. I walked into a bridal store last weekend and I swear I think I started having an allergic reaction. My eyes started itching and I felt a little nauseous. I had to leave at just under a minute. I just can't take all that tulle and fruffy stuff. Too...Much...Taffeta...Need...Help.

And The Knot? That wedding site that likes to plant a million malware bombs on your computer so that every single popup you see for the next 75 years is for DeBeers diamonds or Alfred Angelo bridesmaids dresses?? GAH. I'm basically trying to avoid any store or website that starts with "bri" and ends with "dal". So, you can see how this is efficient wedding planning on my part. ah well.

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