Friday, February 16, 2007


File this under: things that would make me go Deadly Viper Assassination Squad on someone..

Dog's Ear Severed, Glued On By Groomer, Owner Says

yeah, ok. Read that back again. THE GROOMER CUT OFF THE DOGS EAR and GLUED IT BACK ON. With superglue.

um, Ouch?

I mean, I know grooming accidents happen, but they're usually of the "oops a slight nick" variety. Dude, not only did they hack the dog's ear off, they GLUED IT BACK ON so the owner wouldn't notice. That's just.. wow.

I had a groomer once give Georgia severe razor burn on her tummy and I yelled at him for 20 minutes. I'm sure if this ear thing had happened to one of my dogs, I'd probably be updating this thing from jail..

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Fishdog said...


i'm with you, stinky. let's re-enact that scene from Reservoir Dogs- i have the gasoline...