Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Drafthouse to the Ritz

Oh, I am NOT happy about this. The Alamo Drafthouse downtown is moving to the Ritz, which, yeah, was an old theatre, but part of the appeal of going to the Alamo is that it's NOT on Sixth Street which means you don't have to deal with $10 parking and drunken idiots and the ever-present barf smell. Grrrrr. Not happy. Man,I hope the Alamo South takes over a lot of the Drafthouse sing-a-longs..


taylor J said...

Are you Kidding?! This is the best news for the Drafthouse and whole 6th street area. Just one step in making that whole area a little less intolerable.

Stinkydog said...

oh absolutely, it's *great* for the area and I don't doubt it'll help spiffy up that part of Sixth Street--but for the time-being, it'll still suck having to park there.