Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Update

It's rare that I say this, but: wow that week went by fast. In doggie news, I got the dachsund family off to the dachsund rescue people only to get a call three hours later from a guy who said they were his. He was very agitated and irritated with both me and the lady who plucked them off the freeway. Dude, I'm so sorry we saved your dogs' lives. How annoying that must be for you. According to him, his fenced had washed away in the storms and they had gotten out that way. Apparently, "These dogs are like [his] children" and he really wanted them back. No word on why "his children" had no tags and were outside in monsoon weather bad enough to wash away a fence when their legs are no longer than 3 inches and one of them was just a baby.. I want you to know that I was very nice and bit my tongue and didn't even call him an idiot once. At any rate, I didn't have them anymore and he had to take his case to the dachsund rescue people.

In other news, Jenny and I went to a bridal store that didn't suck. I love having a friend who is also getting married at the same time and who also has much better organizational skills than me. Because I just copy what she does. heh. I'm kidding, but not really. I didn't get the same hair bobs she did, at least.

And lastly, we've put out an APB for Flat Stanley. He was supposed to show up in my mailbox this week, but I think Stan may have taken off to go see some SXSW shows or something. He's probably all wrinkled, sleeping it off in the alley behind Emo's.

Yall have a great Friday. I may even post more this weekend. Don't faint.

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