Tuesday, March 06, 2007

in other news

So, Rachel Ray got bitten by a dog last weekend defending her pit bull mix Isaboo from an attack from another dog. I would love to make a snarky comment about how lucky she is that either dog did not find her "Yum-O", but honestly, people with asshole dogs in public parks irritate me more than people who say EVOO, so Rach gets a pass..

But.. Isaboo??? dammit, that's kinda cute.

Also, dudes, my sister kicked ASS in the Little Rock (Half) Marathon this past weekend. She came in 10th in her age group, 313th over all (out of thousands). I didn't even think she was going to run it since she's been telling me about her knee making Snap Crackle Pop Noises for the last couple of weeks. Way to run through the pain, chicken butt!

and finally, just so you know there IS a bar which I won't fall under on reality TV watching, I refuse, REFUSE to even flick past the channel while this is on. Just: ugh.

Courtney, I want you to know that instead, I am watching Dodgeball, for like, the 5th time since last summer. This is what you've done to me, I hope you're happy.


Mel Francis said...

nobody makes me bleed my own blood!

Fishdog said...

ah yes, pussycats in the dog house. melissa r. is my fave!