Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lennon rolls in Grave

I found this on the kitchen counter this morning. I can only assume it's meant to be lyrics for another song by Sam's band. Their other featured topics are bacon and fire ants, so, you know, it fits.


"Hounds of Hell"

puppies, puppies
puppies, puppies
crawling and falling
staggering towards
foodbowls and mealing
and down
then you melt
metal and grindcore
and punkrock nihilism
fail you suddenly
and then you melt
the tiniest skull with
the highest pitched whine
the formerly cutest is
4:30 the time
puppy chow makes the
meat taste sour
you really should
feed them cornbread
there's a picture
somewhere of you
loving them.

OR maybe it's supposed to be a rap?? POETRY? Cry for help?? nah, probably rock song, I'm thinking.


Anonymous said...

I'm going with the cry for help selection

Fishdog said...

i just can't picture any grown man in rock band yelling/screaming/chanting/singing "puppies! puppies! puppies!"

well, unless he's talking about boobs, of course.

Stinkydog said...

oh, you just don't know Sam. I can totally picture it... I could probably pick out the tune as well.