Monday, March 12, 2007


I promise you I am not a crazy person. Really, I'm not. So, despite the fact that I already have (technically) 15 dogs at my house, when someone called me and told me that this family was found dumped on a country road, of COURSE I went and picked them up. They're hanging out in the laundry room tonight til I can get the dachsund rescue folks to come pick them up. I'm getting good doggie karma, right?


Anonymous said...

you will be getting EXCELLENT doggie Karma!! Those could be Raven's cousins...she is so proud of you:) and her cousin Lynyrd (my mom and dad's Dachsund) is happy too!! ps...what about a slate blue color?CES

Anonymous said...

More like CRAZY karma. :-) No, it's a good thing for people with big hearts like you. Makes up for the likes of those of us who spend more time with their plants.