Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sound the Alarm

I'm being guilted into blogging. Is that legal? I know I used to be better about posting every day and I don't have any real excuses. So, fine. I'll start trying to post something every day from here on out. Don't blame me when you get to hear about my my dogs' eating habits or how much I really don't care about wedding planning...oh wait. heh heh. I've already covered those? crap.

how 'bout that Flavor of Love Charm School, huh? It's, um, Man, can you believe that skanky girl did that this week? ...okay, okay, I'm not watching it. It seems pretty much up my alley TV quality-wise, but no. Not drawn in. Shocking, I know.

In other news, I've been putting off mowing the yard for over a month now because I am terrified that those snakes are going to come straight at my ankles and the only boots I own are black leather ones with a 2 inch heel. As much as I enjoy entertaining my neighbors, I draw the line. My grass is two feet high.

See, this is what you get these days. Sorry.


Mel Francis said...

get a goat and never mow again.

Anonymous said...

make ure husband do it! Why is that ure job???

Stinkydog said...

ure kidding, right?