Thursday, May 17, 2007

my road to hell

Dear Mr. Bus Driver,

I used to be the kind of driver that flipped people off when they cut me off in traffic or got a little too horn-happy. That changed a few years ago when I had a bad experience in which I learned why it was not a particularly smart idea to flip someone off..and then turn down one's own street. Point is, I've learned. So, now when someone cuts me off in traffic, nearly skimming off my side mirror and then uses the BUS HORN on me, even though you know you were supposed to let me by, I did NOT pull out the one-fingered salute. I did, however, use quite a few choice words that may or may not have been liberally laced with "f*** you, a**LORD, and your f***ing a**HORN."

I had no idea you were driving students from the School of the Deaf.

Those kids in the back row are some good lipreaders, huh?

SO sorry about that.

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