Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Special Treat

When I’m not scandalizing school children with my potty mouth or ruining puppies for the general population, I like to read or watch really bad tv, neither of which makes for good blogging. (I know, I know, “never stopped me before” , right? You just hush). Anyway, so to combat the blah-sies, I present to you:

Masterpieces from the Young Artist: A retrospective on the works of Sam

(Sam’s mom gave me his sketchbook from the 70’s—hee! good times)**

With this scene we see our young artiste explore irony : the attack of the large panther against the little feline-looking Kitty Man, whose only defenses against certain defeat are his bravery, his broadsword and a really large dryer sheet.

The well-rounded warrior. Not only is he a knight with the requisite sword and shield, he also wears a superhero cape, a square bee keeper's helmet and (quite ingeniously I might add) a backpack. He appears to be weather-conscious, indicated by the short sleeved shirt, but well-protected. Our subject is truly ready for whatever the Fates may hurl his way, as one might surmise from the warhammer on his belt (No#7 “Weapons”) to the wineskin (No. #5 “Misc”) located…probably somewhere near the cinnamon roll on his butt.

Alexander Pushbottom Snotnose McDigital Shoelace the Third. Enough said.

**Please note that I am in no way judging the artistic talent of the young man. When I was that age, the most creative I got was to give Raggedy Ann green hair in my coloring book, so I have a lot of respect for the artist. I especially love his lists.

More? did you say you need more?

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